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Signing up for this year's mentoring program has been closed. Selected students will be meeting their mentors from now till the end of the year. We will open the next year of this program again in March of the following year. Any questions can be sent to ilona.prausova@cvut.cz.

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What is mentoring?

  • Mentoring offers students a unique opportunity to peek into the real environment of Czech and international companies.
  • Mentoring is a collaboration arrangement, in which the student (Mentee) visits her/his mentor in the company and accompanies her/him in her/his everyday work and is actively involved in real projects.
  • Mentoring enables flexible cooperation based on an agreement between the student and the mentor. The time range and the specific content of the cooperation is not pre-specified or limited.
  • Mentoring is not a paid internship, but is a priceless opportunity that is a source of personal contacts, experience and excellent references for your CV. At the same time, the mentor gets a whole new perspective on her/his work.
  • Mentoring allows you to select from a wide database of mentors from medium-sized and large companies to multinational corporations in a whole range of industries. Every CTU student can find a perfect fit.
  • Mentoring gives CTU students a unique opportunity. No such offer is available for students of any other university in the country!

How to participate?

Enrolment in this year's round has already come to an end. At this moment we are processing the applications and communicating with the candidates.

Students who did not apply this year can at least take a look at the list of our mentors who are cooperating with us in the current round.

And of course we will be looking forward to seeing you next year.

Why should I join?

Why should I be a mentee?

  • It’s an entrance ticket to the working environment while you are still studying.
  • The reward is valuable work experience, personal contacts and references for your CV.
  • An opportunity to look at the situation on the labor market.
  • An opportunity to obtain advice from an experienced mentor.
  • It is a space for developing your professional and personal skills.
  • Participating in the programme will clarify your ideas and can help to direct your path to your future profession.

Why should I be a mentor?

  • Help the student make the transition from student life to working environment more easily.
  • Pass on your experience.
  • Open the door to further personal development.
  • Get to know a new young colleague and her/his way of thinking.
  • Take an impartial view from the outside.


Ilona Prausová
Phone: +420 224 353 427
E-mail: ilona.prausova@cvut.cz

At the first meeting I began to negotiate a topic for my bachelor thesis. Thanks to support from my mentor I then had excellent conditions for writing the thesis. Everyone at the company was very helpful when I was obtaining and then processing the data.

Martina Fialová, student of FME