Welcome to CTU Mentoring programme

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Welcome to CTU Mentoring programme

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What is mentoring?

  • An invaluable opportunity that can be a source of contacts, excellent experience and a reference for a CV.
  • It is a flexible cooperation between mentee and mentor.
  • It is not internship, you will deal with various areas such as sharing experience, learning about a new field, personal development, soft skills, work-life balance or career planning.

Why should I join?

Why should I be a mentee?

  • It’s an entrance ticket to the working environment while you are still studying.
  • The reward is valuable work experience, personal contacts and references for your CV.
  • An opportunity to look at the situation on the labor market.
  • An opportunity to obtain advice from an experienced mentor. We cooperate with renowned personalities from domestic and foreign companies.
  • It is a space for developing your professional and personal skills.
  • Participating in the programme will clarify your ideas and can help to direct your path to your future profession.

Why should I be a mentor?

  • Help the student make the transition from student life to working environment more easily.
  • Pass on your experience.
  • Open the door to further personal development.
  • Get to know a new young colleague and her/his way of thinking.
  • Take an impartial view from the outside.

How to participate?

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Iva Hájková Peláková
Phone: +420 224 353 412
E-mail: iva.pelakova@cvut.cz

At the first meeting I began to negotiate a topic for my bachelor thesis. Thanks to support from my mentor I then had excellent conditions for writing the thesis. Everyone at the company was very helpful when I was obtaining and then processing the data.

Martina Fialová, student of FME